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(Men’s & Ladies)

We use a point system to determine our most prestigious award of Gunfighter of the Year.  These winners are given a buckle and plaque to commemorate their accomplishment.  Points are accumulated at each of our practice matches and the club championship match. Youth are placed according to gender.

Our point system is based on the CFDA Top Gun Point System (40 Point System) Each gender is awarded points independently


Top Placing Man = 40 Points                 Top Placing Woman = 40 Points

Second Place Man = 37 Points              Second Place Woman = 37 Points

Third Place Man = 35 Points                  Third Place Woman = 35 Points

Fourth Place Man = 33 Points               Fourth Place Woman = 33 Points

Fifth Place Man = 31 Points                   Fifth Place Woman = 31 Points

Sixth Place Man = 30 Points                  Sixth Place Woman = 30 Points


For finishes below 6th place, points will diminish one point per overall place until exhausted. Non club members who are shooting with us will have no bearing on the points awarded. The points assigned to their placement will be assigned to the next highest club member. Scoring is based on final standings after the shoot off. Only a shooter’s best 18 finishes will be counted towards awards. Ties will be determined by the highest average points earned per event (counting all attended events, not just the best 18). Should there still be a tie, it will be broken by the number of events attended during the year

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