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The Cowboy Fast Draw Association (CFDA) is a member funded organization which relies heavily on yearly dues to remain in existence.  Therefore in order to become a full member of the Old Pueblo Gunfighters, you must first be a member of the CFDA.  Sign up here.
By becoming a full member of the Old Pueblo Gunfighters, you will have the pride of ownership and assist the club financially.  Your dues go to pay our yearly affiliation fees among other expenses.  You will also have a vote when we are making decisions affecting the club and how it is run.

2023  Members

Alonzo Slim
Arizona Cactus Kid
Bandana Kid


Brasada Spur

Buckshot Chavez



Cowboy Jack

Dandy Don

Dazzlin' Daisy


Gold Dust
Granny Oakley
Hankerin' Hank

Hot Sauce

Law Dawg

Lead Dealer

Otto Matic

Phoebe Ann
Pueblo Pete

Rajin' Raegan
Roadrunner Wrangler
Sabino Kid

Shako Sling
Sierra Rose

St Pauli Girl
Still Shot

Texas Lightning


Point Riders

Let us also remember our members who have gone ahead to scout the final trail.

Dr Six Gun - 2022

El Vaquero - 2019

Old Timer - 2018

Biscuit Cutter - 2018

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