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This is a list of  some places our members have purchased goods and services and have had pleasant experiences with.  The Old Pueblo Gunfighters does not guarantee you will have equally good luck with these vendors.  Buy at your own risk.

Cowboy Fast Draw Association

Here you can find all the information on the National Organization.  In order to become a full member of the Old Pueblo Gunfighters, you must first be a member of the CFDA.  You can also purchase wax, 45 shells, and targeting systems!  Check out their Mercantile link!  You can also join the CFDA organization here. A very informative site!

Gunsmithing and/or Grips

Classic Single Action (Joe Perkins Gunsmithing)
Joe Perkins is one of our local Gunsmiths.  One of the best! Highly recommended for getting your 45 action jobs, custom grips or customizing your rig!​

LS Grips

Many nice grips to chose from and at very reasonable prices.

Wax Bullets & 45 Casings

CFDA General Store (Orange)
Spitfire Wax Bullets (Red)
C&R Wax Bullets (
Royal Wax Bullets (


Wild West Merchantile (Mesa)
Bronco Trading Company (Tombstone)
Historical Emporium
Buckaroo Bobbins (Clothing as well as patterns)

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