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Tombstone Gunfight 2019 Host

The Old Pueblo Gunfighters would like to extend a special Thank You  to Lee McKechnie for hosting the Tombstone Shootout at Old Tombstone Western Theme Park.

Tombstone Gunfight 2022 Sponsors

Arlene’s Gallery

Birdcage Theater

Branding Iron

Bronco Trading Co

Butterfield Stage Stop

C & R Wax

Can-Can Old Time Photo

Desert Owl Forge and Jewelry

Henry Rifle Co

Hitchin’ Post Café

J.L. Siilver Co

James 410 Gun Store

Johnny One Dog Sarsaparilla

Killer Bee’s Honey

Liberty Pawn & Guns

Lily’s Tombstone Souvenirs

Marana Guns & Gold Pawn

Mister Car Wash

Monster Signs

Murphy’s Guns

Nellie’s Wicks & Bricks

Ok Café

Old West Books & Leather

Poncho Vega’s Leather

Puny John’s BBQ

Red Buffalo Trading Co.

Royal Wax Bullets

Russell’s Roadrunner Western Wear

Sam’s Outlaw Tee’s & Books

Schuetzen Powder Co

Smoke Signals Cigars

Smokey's Wild Ass Emporium

Southwest Power Wear

Spitfire Wax Bullets

Spur Western Wear

Starline Brass

Superstition Sue’s

T. Miller’s Mercantile

The Gawdy Cowgirl

The Hub Gun Store

The Oriental Saloon

The Right-Side Patriot

The Saloon Theatre

Thundersticks Trading Co

Tombstone Forward

Tombstone Oil & Vinegar

Tractor Supply Co

Turner’s 2nd Amendment

U-Scream Ice Cream & Coffee

Vintage Cowgirls & Cowboys

Vogan’s Bistro

Western Edge Trains & Knives



Tishminga – aka Tricia Kennedy

Brasada Spur – aka Ron Hess

Granny Oakley – aka Suzanne Hess

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